Kirk Rader  1.0-SNAPSHOT
Installing Graphviz 2.38 (September 30, 2018)

For many, the only reason to install Graphviz is as a dependency of PlantUML.

Unfortunately, PlantUML has a crippling bug making it incompatible with any version of Graphviz more recent than 2.38.

Worse, Graphviz' maintainers have chosen to make it nearly impossible to obtain version 2.38 through normal means other than for Windows.

Here are some things to try to resolve this as of September 30, 2018.



Links last checked September 30, 2018

Homebrew (Mac OS X)

# Assuming a later version of graphviz is already installed and linked:
brew unlink graphviz
brew install
brew pin graphviz


Native Package Manager

Follow the instructions for the native package manager for your distro. Version 2.38 may or may not be available or may even be the default. For example, as of September 30, 2018 the following will install version 2.38 on Ubuntu 16.04:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -y graphviz

From Sources

Partially tested but not fully working due to dependency version issues not worth pursuing for me as of this writing:

git clone
cd graphviz
git checkout -b stable-2.38 f54ac2c9313ae80ccf76ef4ac6aa9be820a23126
make install

Note the preceding will fail unless the correct version of all dependencies are already installed. Unfortunately, the documentation at only lists information for the current stable release.