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 Cruft-Free Sofware Quality Metric
 Installing Graphviz 2.38 (September 30, 2018)For many, the only reason to install Graphviz is as a dependency of PlantUML
 Symbolic Logic
 Sentential CalculusThe logic of declarative sentences
 ConnectivesLogical operations of the sentential and monadic predicate calculi
 ValidityA Priori Validity vs. A Posteriori Truth
 Inference RulesAxioms of symbolic logic expressed as formula transformations
 TautologiesVacuously-true statements
 ProofsProof procedures using inference rules
 Monadic Predicate CalculusGeneralizing symbolic logic beyond "atomic" sentences
 Appendix 1: Context-Free GrammarBackus-Naur Form "strict" syntax for the monadic predicate calculus
 Scheme TutorialsBrief tutorials on a number of features of the Scheme programming language
 BasicsBackground info on Scheme
 Tail RecursionFunctional programming, CPS and tail recursion
 Lexical ClosuresLexical environments in Scheme
 ContinuationsFirst-class continuations
 dynamic-windProtected logic during stack unwinding and rewinding
 Engines from ContinuationsA practical application of continuations to implement sophisticated flows of control
 Software Development Life-CycleHow to create, operate and maintain complex software systems
 TaskerTasker scripts for Android mobile phones
 Formulas of the Monadic Predicate CalculusParsing and rendering expressions of a well-known formal language
 Parsing Symbolic Logic FormulasDemonstrate object-oriented programing using a simple class hierarchy in Java
 TTGenerate Markfown output for a formula of the monadic predicate calculus
 Unit Testing GuidelinesUnit testing guidelines
 Using DoxygenDocumenting Java code using Doxygen