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 Cruft-Free Sofware Quality Metric
 Installing Graphviz 2.38 (September 30, 2018)For many, the only reason to install Graphviz is as a dependency of PlantUML
 Symbolic Logic
 Sentential CalculusThe logic of declarative sentences
 ConnectivesLogical operations of the sentential and monadic predicate calculi
 ValidityA Priori Validity vs. A Posteriori Truth
 Inference RulesAxioms of symbolic logic expressed as formula transformations
 TautologiesVacuously-true statements
 ProofsProof procedures using inference rules
 Monadic Predicate CalculusGeneralizing symbolic logic beyond "atomic" sentences
 Appendix 1: Context-Free GrammarBackus-Naur Form "strict" syntax for the monadic predicate calculus
 Scheme TutorialsBrief tutorials on a number of features of the Scheme programming language
 BasicsBackground info on Scheme
 Tail RecursionFunctional programming, CPS and tail recursion
 Lexical ClosuresLexical environments in Scheme
 ContinuationsFirst-class continuations
 dynamic-windProtected logic during stack unwinding and rewinding
 Engines from ContinuationsA practical application of continuations to implement sophisticated flows of control
 TaskerTasker scripts for Android mobile phones
 Formulas of the Monadic Predicate CalculusParsing and rendering expressions of a well-known formal language
 Parsing Symbolic Logic FormulasDemonstrate object-oriented programing using a simple class hierarchy in Java
 TTGenerate Markfown output for a formula of the monadic predicate calculus
 Unit Testing GuidelinesUnit testing guidelines
 Using DoxygenDocumenting Java code using Doxygen